GunCon3 IR Tower Replacements

Greg from LaserBear is now selling IR Tower replacements for the GunCon3.  These can be purchased as DIY kits for $18, or fully-assembled for $32.  They’re expected to ship in about a month and should be compatible with everything the original GunCon3 emitters will work with – This includes the MiSTer FPGA project and flat-panel TV’s!  More info below the links:

Pre-Order the Sensors Here:
Purchase a GunCon3:
Pivoting USB Cable:
Standard USB Cable:

First, a quick note:  The sensors don’t come with USB C cables, so please check the links above, as well as the LaserBear page for more info on what you’d need.

Next, some info on why these IR towers are important:  See, the GunCon3 uses those sensors to aim and NOT the timing of a CRT.  This makes them compatible with ALL displays – Both CRT’s and flat-panels.  Also, the GunCon 3 is compatible with the MiSTerFPGA project, which means this is a solution for any core’s light gun games!  And lastly (and arguably most important), it’s common to find GunCon 3’s reasonably priced without the sensors, but very expensive with them.  So, regardless if you’re using a MiSTer, or just want to play Time Crisis 4 on your PS3, these might save you some money!

Also, if you’d like to know how to use these with the MiSTer (or make your own!), check out Lu’s video here:

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