Ground Zero Texas Rereleased

On March 23rd, developer Screaming Villains released Ground Zero Texas Nuclear Edition for the PS4 and PC via Steam. What this is is a remaster of a Sega CD game released in 1993 by Digital Pictures. The game is set in El Cadron, a small town in the state of Texas where people have been disappearing. You are also told that the town is overrun with aliens that are disguised as humans that you have to shoot with a battlecam designed to stun them.

The most notable thing about this version of the game is the noticeably improved video quality compared to the Sega CD version. This version of the game also includes some bonus video like behind the scenes footage and test shoots. On casual inspection from me (I’m not an expert) the video in this version seems to be from a tape source, I noticed some flicker in the still shots of the environments where it looked like it was switching between the different fields, but when playing the game you won’t notice it.

There was also a window of time where you could pre-order a physical copy of the PS4 version from Limited Run Games, and while the pre-order window has closed I would probably suggest keeping an eye on the page in case they do a regular run of copies that you can just buy.

It’s pretty cool to see these games get remastered like this. I love the cheesiness that come from these games. It’s what makes them fun to me, and to see them in such high quality is pretty cool. and the fact that it comes with bonus footage like behind the scenes stuff is great. I hope Sewer Shark gets remastered next.