Griel’s Quest ROM Release

Mun has just released a rom of his Griel’s Quest port:

Apparently, this game originated from the MX2 game “Griel no Seihai” from 1989.  It was “demade” in 2005 by Karoshi Corporation for MSX 1 under the name Griel’s Quest for the Sangraal, with double the levels.  Then in 2017, developers Mun, Daniel “Snowtman” Nevado and David Sanchez ported it to the Genesis under the name “Griel’s quest for the Holy Perrón”.  There has been a physical release by 1985 alternativo by there’s no copies left. Fortunately, the developer Mun has given the ROM for free from his Twitter account:

Tested and playable on real hardware with a flash cart!  Thanks to Chris for passing this along!


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