Game Boy Interface – May 2019 Updates

Extrems has been continuing to update the Game Boy Interface software as usual and this month has brought a few more changes:

For standard edition:

  • Added prescaling filter setting.
  • Added blend, deflicker* and accumulate filters.
    *The deflicker filter isn’t quite (yet) a perfect replica of the Game Boy Player Start-up Disc’s normal screen filter, but it’s mostly there.

For speedrunning edition:

  • Added GBA ROM checksummer.
  • Added 960i and 1152i video modes.
  • Additionally, the GBA dumper must now be called with Start + Select.

Extrems has also updated the main GBi wiki as well!  There’s now a lot more information, detailing each version of the software, features and installation methods:

The latest version of the Game Boy Interface Software can always be found here:

More information on GBi can be found on the main forum topic, as well as a (page on this site):

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