FXPak Super Game Boy Updates

There’s been a few more updates to the Super Game Boy core for the FXPak Pro:

The full list of changes since the last update include many bugfixes and tweaks, as well as an update from ikari himself.  Hopefully that means SGB support will be rolled into an official firmware update soon, just to make this easier to manage for people who aren’t in the loop of all the beta development.

I’m still crossing my fingers for a Metroid II MSU-1 hack with AM2r’s soundtrack…

  • Fixed MBC2 register write bug.
  • Fixed several games hanging on save state due to serial state machine not going idle.
  • Fixed another hang on save state issue with ICD2 idle.
  • Fixed joypad data bus bug when both lines asserted.
  • Added a few (partially implemented) mappers. See readme.txt.
  • Added back brightness patch with MSU on classic.
  • Fixed save state audio regression by always allowing dbg src to read/write wave RAM.
  • Updated reset state of P1 to handle code that relies on uninitialized value.
  • Added experimental sprite per scanline increase for pro.
  • Added DMA stall on HALT.
  • Updated REG logic to separate read and write buffers.
  • Added DMA from VRAM support.
  • Added config value to allow SGB ingame hooks without needing to enable the existing ingame hooks.
  • Added a few more hashes of supported boot and bios files to avoid disabling hooks.
  • Changed BOOT register to set on write independent of value.
  • Added volume boosting and debug feature to disable SGB enhancements.
  • Added another envelope register write side effect.
  • Fixed APU length (enable) counter bug.
  • Added wave RAM protection while channel enabled.
  • Updated audio CIC rates and precision. Removed hack to filter one case of noise which is now handled by CIC.
  • Changed MSU CIC to reduce accumulator precision. Simplified CIC accumulator logic.
  • Fixed duplicate interrupts by removing double trigger on LYC==0 in favor of STAT write spurious int during V-Blank (and other conditions).
  • Added single cycle H-Blank status update on LY==0.
  • Fixed LY early transition to 0 bug for when it is read during scanline 153.
  • Added support for LSDj (128KB SaveRAM). Change from ikari01.

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