Everdrive N8 Pro v2.07 Firmware update

Krikzz has just posted a firmware update for the Everdrive N8 Pro, which fixes a few bugs and adds support for new mappers:

  • MMC5 ExRAM fix by domgetter
  • Fixed stuck at the end of level 4-4 in SMB2
  • New mapper 218
  • Fixes for mappers 28, 15
  • Fixed volume control for NSF player
  • Alternate FDS bios support. Store your bios file to EDN8/disksys.rom File should be without 16 byte nes header
  • IRQ and sram mapping fix for MMC5

Everdrive N8 / N8 Pro NES:
Everdrive N8 / N8 Pro  Famicom:
Firmware Updates:


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