Rany Battikh

Everdrive N8 Pro NES Edition

Krikzz just announced that the anticipated NES edition of the N8 Pro is now available for order.

The NES N8 Pro shares the exact same features as its already released Famicom counterpart. The cartridge pinout difference (NES: 72-pin, Famicom: 60-pin) between both cartridges stands in the way of systems cross-compatibility.

I would like to note that using the Famicom to NES Adapter by Krikzz himself, I successfully ran a regular Famicom N8 on a NES but I’m still not a 100% positive about the result of applying the same method with the Pro carts; I’ll just assume for now that it should work just fine. Anyway, for those who own just an NES in particular, purchasing the N8 Pro NES edition seems to be a no-brainer.

Priced at 169$, the NES N8 Pro is only available through Everdrive.me ‘s shop at the moment.

Order the NES N8 Pro here: https://everdrive.me/cartridges/everdrive-n8-pro-nes.html