Eon Super 64 Review

Eon’s Super 64 was recently announced and today, all early-access reviews are in.  It’s confirmed to not add any lag to the video output and performs pretty much identically to a RetroTINK2x & S-Video cable.  And is priced the same.  But it only works on the N64.  EposVox’s review (above) was excellent and even covered all the info you’d need to set up your OBS streams, should you use this or the TINK2x.  Also, if you prefer a written review, you can read my full review here:


While my review above was objective, I’m just not sure who this product is for?

Maybe your ONLY analog console is an N64?  It’s completely plausible that many people might only have modern consoles, with maybe a GameCube (with Eon’s HDMI adapter) and an N64 as well.  In this case, the N64 would be the ONLY console without an HDMI solution and anything extra might just get in the way.  While the Super 64 is expensive, it’s still cheaper than installing an UltraHDMI and requires no modding, which might be appealing for some people.

I guess another situation might be people who run N64 events.  These events usually prefer CRT’s as a display, with an UltraHDMI installed in the main console, to allow final matches to be played on a CRT, but streamed (and presented to the crowd) as 1080p.  I guess if there was somehow an N64 event that used flat-screens as the display, having a single plug-and-play dongle with no extra cables or adapters to worry about would make the high cost of the Super 64 easier to justify, as it would cut down the amount of devices you’d need to manage.

Overall, my only complaint about Eon’s Super 64 is the price.  I just can’t imagine most people would want to spend $150 on that when the TINK2x works on almost all other classic consoles, at the same price and performance.

I guess the best way to sum up the Eon Super 64 is this:  Is not managing the two extra cables of a TINK2x solution worth all that money to you…and if it is, wouldn’t you just prefer to spend a bit more on an UltraHDMI?

Eon’s Super 64 – $150

RetroTINK2X Scaler – $105 + S-Video Cable (SNES, GC and N64 will all work, lined below)

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