Vanessa (Vanessaira)

Enhanced “High Definition” Graphics Mode 7 Super Nintendo Emulation

A user on the emulation sub reddit by the name of DerKoun has released an enhancement for the Super Nintendo emulator BSNES.  Users of the emulator version 107.3 (as of this articles write up) are now able to download a Windows binary which will in essence increase the Mode 7 resolutions by up to 4 x the horizontal and vertical scale.  This overhauls games with heavy Mode 7 usage, presenting a cleaner “HD” look.  DerKoun is working with Byuu the creator of BSNES to further develop this enhancement and fix bugs which are still present in some games.  This is a pretty incredible enhancement for SNES games and should be looked into further.  Hopefully this enhancement could extend to other projects as well?  Super NT maybe???

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