Emulicious July 2020 Update

The emulator/dev tool Emulicious has just received another major update.  According to the developer, this update ads a Hot Spots view for the profiler, a CPU tab for the Memory Editor and a dialog to add watchpoints.  It also added support for MIDI devices to be used with MSX emulation.

As a note, while emulicious is a perfect capable emulator, it’s advantage over many others it its built-in set of tools designed to help software developers.  If you’re writing a game for one of it’s supported consoles, (GG, SMS, GB, GBC, MSX), then you should really check this out!

Download the update here:

Here’s the full list of changes:

  • Fixed an issue in YM2413 emulation
  • Added a setting to the disassembler to use uppercase mnemonics
  • Added a dialog to add watchpoints to the Breakpoints window
  • Added support for MIDI devices in MSX emulation
  • Added CPU tab to Memory Editor
  • Added Hot Spots view to the Profiler
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