El Viento & Sol-Deace Genesis Collectors Editions

Retro-Bit have just announced pre-orders for two new official Sega Genesis game reproductions:  El Viento and Sol-Deace.  Both come with a case, full-color manual and some extras.  And both are cheaper than quality versions of the originals – While you can still get original copies of Sol-Deace for somewhat reasonable prices, some original versions of El Viento are selling for far more than these.  If you’re a fan of physical media and owning “real” copies of games for your Genesis, these definitely seem like they’re worth considering.  Pre-orders close at the end of July and they’re due to ship by the end of the year:

El Viento – US Seller
El Viento – Europe Seller
Sol-Deace – US Seller
Sol-Deace – Europe Seller

I think it’s safe to assume these will be the same high quality as Retro-Bit’s previous Genesis re-releases, featuring properly beveled cartridges, running at the right voltage.  Of course, there’s no knowing for sure until they arrive, every one of Retro Bit’s recent Genesis games have been done right. spelled right (;p) and lived up to what they were advertising.

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