Dreamcast 240p Test Suite v2.01 Released

Artemio has recently completed work on another massive update to the 240p Test Suite’s Dreamcast version, including a light gun test, stand alone VMU software and VMU testing.  There’s also more options to help display calibration as well!  This is all just about a month after the last major update, which in itself had a bunch of awesome additions!  Also, it’s been confirmed that this is the version that will ship on the physical release!  More info below the links:

Physical Release:
Main Post:
Download it here:
Support the project:

We’ll follow-up soon with a more detailed post on how the calibration works, but for now here’s the main list of changes:

  • Light gun test
  • Stand alone VMU software:
    – VMU controller test
    – VMU MDfourier Test
  • HCFR integration for calibration
  • Improved Color precision when needed, to ARGB888
  • New patterns for color
  • Keyboard test
  • Microphone test
  • Added BIOS and flashrom data viewer and Identification
  • Added ISP flashrom Data display
  • VMU easter egg animations
  • Improves general rendering speed
  • Added Convergence test
  • Improved Controller Test


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