Don’t Buy The Eon Xbox Adapter

UPDATE 10/11:  Looks like the Stream Professor found the problem – Eon set the wrong output flag in their HDMI transmitter.  The HDMI output is telling your display or capture card that the Xbox is outputting a limited range color, when it’s actually outputting full-range color.  Check the video above for the fix (assuming you can even do it on your display) and please check out the reviews below for more info.  As a note, this still won’t fix the extra analog video interference and as both reviews below demonstrate, it’s still lower quality than MUCH cheaper solutions;  For this absolutely ripoff of a price, I still can’t recommend anyone buy it.  Here’s links to the device, the better option…and the original post is below:

A $40 adapter that looks excellent:
Eon’s solution:  /

Reviews are coming in on the Eon Gaming Xbox HDMI + Network adapter…and they’re not good.  For about $200, you get video output that’s about on-par with the cheapest, worst HDMI plug & play’s, combined with a cheap network hub and HDMI splitter.  When the device was first announced, my gut told me this was going to be the case, however I tried my best to keep an open mind and find some use case for it.  After seeing these reviews, I was far too nice.

Also, Eon’s own response to MVG’s video says all you should need to know about the people who run that company:

They don’t address the serious video output issue, for a device that costs FOUR TIMES as much as better solutions.  They don’t apologize to customers who wasted their $200.  They just cracked a joke about the box.  You should really think about this before you buy anything that company makes.

Tito’s video showed the exact same brightness issues and he also opened the device to take a look inside.  To my absolute shock, it was at least assembled correctly:  No more horrifying connectors barely touching the board (or shorting out!), just a bunch of generic ADC, HDMI splitter and Ethernet chips, with the part numbers sanded off (bit we can still have an educated guess as to what they are.  So, you’re paying for a bunch of cheap, generic chips in a fancy case…that’s glued together, making future repairs or updates impossible.

This is so bad, if people see you using one of these, they might assume you’re gullible and try to get you to join a pyramid scheme.  If you pre-ordered, cancel and buy something FAR cheaper that actually works the way it’s supposed to.  And if you get it anyway, don’t say ALL OF US didn’t warn you.

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