Domesday Duplicator Now Preserving LaserActive Games

I’ve been closely following the Domesday duplicator project for a few years now and am a massive fan of what they’re trying to accomplish:  True backups of analog media, stored in a way that’s much more complete than current methods.  The project started out with LaserDiscs, but it’s looking to expand to VHS and pretty much all other analog media.

Recently, people have used the project to also preserve LaserDisc-based video games and have moved on to the Pioneer LaserActive platform:  Games that run on the combination LaserDisc/Sega Genesis player referred to as Mega LD games.  While there isn’t currently a way to play these games back after archiving, the first step is always preservation and I’m really excited at their progress.

For an example of the rip and decode (using LD Decode), check out the video below, as well as the interview with project leads Simon and Chad for for information on what the project is about and how you can help.

(direct to duplicator project):

ld-decode github:
Duplicator github:

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