CPSHDMI Ported to Neo Geo MV1C

CPSHDMI / OSSC creator Markus has just ported his incredible HDMI kit to the Neo Geo MVS, MV1C motherboard.  It’s a true digital-to-digital A/V mod and an amazing choice for people looking to stream, or play MVS games!  The Open MVS project is currently adapting the case to the required location of the HDMI port and there’s potential for more revisions of the Neo Geo to be added to the compatibility list.  More info below and to install your own, pick up a CPSHDMI kit, follow Markus’ installation instructions and flash the board with the new Neo Geo firmware:

Firmware / Installation:
Purchase a CPSHDMI Board:
OpenMVS Project:

As with the other CPSHDMI installation, the board needs to be kept as close as possible to the installation points.  As a result, the best current location found requires the HDMI port to be mounted out the side of the case.  Using a right angle HDMI cable should help improve cable management, but we’re also looking into alternatives, such as a custom breakout connector that allows the HDMI connector itself to relocate to the rear of the case.  At the moment, I recommend this be an expert-only installation, as you may end up re-doing the mod after more more testing is performed.  To be clear:  Everything seems to be working perfectly, but we’re still researching mounting alternatives.

Performance and features are identical to the CPS variants of the firmware:  Absolutely awesome.  The output is outstanding and the firmware offers the same amazing features, such as 5x mode with vertical adjustments, “CRT” modes for both 240p and 480p “VGA”, scanlines and a lot more.  Please check out the CPS review below for more info and I’ll definitely be following up with a new video once the OpenMVS cases have been fully tweaked.

…and as always, thank you so much to Markus for donating his talents and time to the retro gaming community!

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