CPS1HDMI Adapter Boards

OSSC creator Markus is now working on another digital-to-digital HDMI project!  This time, he’s created an adapter board that will allow you to install one of the existing CPSHDMI boards (currently compatible with CPS2 and CPS3) into a CPS1.  This, combined with the upcoming CPS1Multi from Darksoft will make this amazing arcade platform easier for most people to experience!

The CPS1HDMI adapter board solves the following issues:

  • Provides proper mounting of the CPS2HDMI board on the CPS1 platform.
  • Digitizes the OKI6295 audio output.

Markus is currently testing the solution and once confirmed, the adapter board should be fairly low cost.  I’ll hopefully have one here in NYC soon to test and possibly review!

More info can be found here on the forum:

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