Alex Mitchell

citrus3000psi Releases PS1Digital Install Video

Retro developer Dan Kunz (a.k.a. citrus3000psi) released an installation video this week for the PS1Digital, showcasing what looks to be a completed board design. The PS1Digital is a modification from citrus300psi and chriz2600 that that adds HDMI output to certain models of the original Playstation, in addition to some mod-chip and wireless networking capabilities. While a date hasn’t been set for retail release, various modders in the retro scene have received pre-release boards to get experience installing them.

RetroRGB has covered the PS1Digital before, but some interesting new information was included with this installation video:

  • Customers should be able to choose if they want to keep their PSX’s original clock capacitor or replace it with one built in to the PS1Digital. PS1Digital’s clock will allow users to switch between 60/50Hz video output depending on the game they’re trying to boot, and these frequencies should match the output from a stock PSX. However, if you’re a speed runner and need to abide by strict modification guidelines, keeping your console’s original clock shouldn’t be an issue.
  • Wireless serial linking is still on the roadmap for the 2.0 firmware, but there will be no support for this feature at launch.
  • The button combo for pulling up the PS1Digital’s on-screen-display is L2+R2+Square+Cross+Select.
  • The OSD only works when you’re playing a game that supports 24-bit colour. Dan’s rule of thumb is that most games with FMVs will support 24-bit colour.

While the PS1Digital is hotly anticipated by PSX enthusiasts, it’s worth mentioning that PS2 users should keep a close eye on developments related to this mod as well. citrus300psi and chriz2600 were originally designing this mod for Sony’s sophomore console but decided to shift focus to the original Playstation so that more complicated features like de-interlacing—a crucial feature for PS2 games in an era of progressive displays—could have more time to mature.