Cancel Your Polymega Walmart Orders

This post is not a dig, or a joke – Polymega has just instructed people through their Instagram stories that they should cancel any orders placed through Walmart and re-purchase directly on Polymega’s website.  The price is now $50 more expensive than Walmart was selling it for, but you can use the code WALMART50 for a $50 discount for the next few days:

Instagram announcement (must be on mobile to see):
Main Polymega page:

As of the time of this post, there’s no official mention of this issue anywhere other than Instagram stories, however seeing as it’s their official account, the message seems legit:  They can’t get in touch with anyone at Walmart and don’t know what to do.  To make an already awkward situation worse, pre-orders are still live on Walmart’s website and any orders placed on the Polymega website won’t ship until Q3 of this year.  So, anyone who pre-ordered on Walmart’s website is essentially sent to the back of the line (see the bottom of the screenshot below):

While I absolutely sympathize that problems like this are often completely out of a company’s control, there’s just been one fail after another with the launch of this product.  The price increase will definitely be a dealbreaker for some as well, since their coupon code is only valid for around 60 days.

I often get asked who the Polymega is for…and if it’s real.  Yes, it is real, but who it’s for is an interesting question.  Purchasing original PlayStation, Saturn, Sega CD, TurboGrafx-CD and Neo Geo CD consoles, as well as a basic scaler like a RetroTINK is definitely more expensive than the base model Polymega.  If for some reason you wanted to use original discs on flat-panel TV’s, but didn’t already own those consoles, the Polymega is still a good deal at $450.  This is especially true, considering almost all of those consoles either already require maintenance, or will within a few years.

One use case that many people often bring up is a “second unit”:  People with full CRT setups might enjoy refurbishing and using original consoles, but might also like one clean, tidy box to casually play those discs on a flat-panel.  While those are very clear scenarios to describe where the Polymega is still a winner, they’re pretty niche.

My personal opinion hasn’t changed since the first time I saw it in person almost two years ago:  I think it has a ton of great potential, but until it offers something the original consoles can’t do, I’m not sure it’s for me.  There is a lot of potential in software emulation and with 16:9 and HD rendering hacks available for some classic consoles, the Polymega may some day be an excellent choice to play those games on flat-panels.  I’m just not sure if that time is now.  I guess we’ll see once they start shipping out to people who purchased from their website…

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