Borti SNES Amps back in stock at VGP

Video Game Perfection has just received full stock of their SNES & N64 mod boards.  On hand is the SuperCIC (NTSC/PAL + IGR), Digital Audio and SNES & N64 RGB board, designed by Peter Bartmann.  If you’re in the UK and are looking to upgrade your SNES, their store has everything you need:




One thing to note is VGP assembles their boards in the configuration balanced towards console safety instead of standard video output.  This is to ensure that even if a customer buys a garbage $2 RGB SCART cable, there’s no chance of the console’s output damaging your equipment.  I respectfully disagree with this method, as I believe each console mod should ensure the signal output is identical to what’s expected from the console, both so the proper cables will always work and to ensure any future users of the console won’t have to figure out “what’s wrong” if it’s not working with a properly-built cable.  Luckily, it’s usually just a jumper setting or two on the board, so as long as you pay attention when installing, everything should go smoothly on the first try.

You will pay attention when installing, right?  And you promise to use good cables, so this signal thing isn’t an issue anyway?  Right?

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