Axiom Verge 2 Physical Copies Available For Pre-Order

Limited Run Games has just opened pre-orders on physical editions of the amazing new Metroidvania game Axiom Verge 2.  Choices range from just a basic, physical copy for $35, all the way up to a $350+ “Fan Bundle” that includes hard copies of both games, both vinyl soundtracks and pretty much anything else you could shoot a disruptor at.

The easiest way to find every bundle available, is just to search LRG’s site for Axiom Verge – And I suggest taking a moment to check them all out, as there might be a bundle that fits your needs better than another (I think the 1+2’s are a good value):,page&q=axiom%20verge%202*

Overall, I loved both games.  The first one was a bit more action-focused and the second leaned more towards exploration, but both were perfect examples of how the Metroidvania genre is timeless and (if done well) feels right at home on both modern and classic consoles.  This game even inspired me to test out modern games with CRT-like scanlines and the results were really promising.

…and just a reminder, if you’d prefer a more budget-friendly digital copy, those are still available on PC, Switch and the PS4, with a PS5 version still in the works:

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