Atari 7800 Game Drive Firmware Update

James from RetroHQ has just posted a firmware update for the Atari 7800 Game Drive.  While there’s a few tweaks and bugfixes, I think a really cool addition is the ability to save the audio, video and break settings per-game!  That means no going back to the menu when switching roms – Just set it once and you’re good to go!  To get the update, simply scan the QR code in the 7800GD’s menu with your cellphone and it’ll bring you to an update page with the correct files.  More info below the links:

Firmware Update Page:
GameDrive US Seller:
GameDrive UK Seller:
Genesis 2 Video Cables:

Unfortunately, the 7800GD’s are currently out of stock, but we’ll post an update as soon as they’re available again.    Also, if you’d like to see the GD in action, please check out the livestream I did with James below, as well as an interview!  Here’s the full list of changes:

  • Added extra hardware flag support to debug console
  • Fixed missed COVOX audio on console audio
  • Correctly show 144K ROMs (not as 128K)
  • Added @460 to YM2151 mapper tag
  • Corrected AV-OUT TIA volume such that max volume matches the expected console volume
  • Changed default UI polling to left port only, not both due to ghost button presses on right port
  • Added per-game saving of audio, video and break settings

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