ArcadeTV’s MSU-MD Project

Alex aka ArcadeTV has begun using Krikzz’ MSU-MD driver to add CD quality audio to Sega Genesis games.  This is accomplished by either using a Mega Everdrive Pro, or Mega SD ROM Cart, or by using any way to load a Genesis rom, plus a CD in an actual Sega CD console allowing for 100% compatibility on real hardware!

Download all the current patches here:

Alex started with Castle Of Illusion Staring Mickey Mouse, which replaced the game’s audio with music from the 2013 remake!  He’s also working on a patch for Quack Shot that integrates the Sega Saturn Disney Collection soundtrack, as well as a version of Chiki Chiki Boys (Mega Twins) that uses the PC Engine CD soundtrack, as well as a few more (listed below).

Another patch that’s also in progress ads the arcade soundtrack to Street Fighter II Remastered Edition.  While I appreciate all cd audio hacks, some of my favorites have been the arcade soundtrack replacements.  This is all a matter of preference of course, but I often prefer the original cartridge soundtrack over CD audio, as I appreciate the creative methods developers used for making those sounds.  Arcade ports always felt different to me though;  To my ears, most music from console ports just sounded like watered down versions of the originals.  While there’s always some exceptions, I’d usually prefer the original arcade soundtrack…and when combined with things like Gabriel Pyron’s “remastered” patch, the Genesis version of SFII becomes a really close contender to the arcade version that’s much easier to play at home on real hardware!

In order to use these patches, you’ll first need to download them from Alex’s github linked above.  Then you’ll need to apply the patch to the original rom and pair it up with the new music files.  ROM cart users should just be able to drop everything into a folder on their SD card and Sega CD users will need to burn the audio to a disc, which will play when the patched ROM accesses it.  Once again, if you’re using a Sega CD, any method of playing the ROM will work, including more basic ROM carts, or flashing it to your own cart.

A NOTE TO MUSIC CREATORS:  Any musician who comes up with a complete soundtrack referenced by the project2610 website is welcome to donate his/her work to his/her favorite game.  One of the biggest challenges to making these hacks is finding a compatible soundtrack, so any work submitted will be taken seriously.


List of games currently in progress:

  • Castle of Illusion (us/jap)
  • Chiki Chiki Boys
  • Quack Shot
  • SF 2 remastered
  • Wonderboy 5
  • Mega Man Wily Wars
  • Toki

Current compatible solutions:

  • Mega Everdrive Pro
  • MegaSD
  • Genesis Plus GX (latest release)
  • Real Hardware -> Cart/CD combo

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