ArcadeTV Mega Everdrive Pro Themes Posted

Alex, aka ArcadeTV has just posted a website of all the different theme’s he’s been creating for the Mega Everdrive Pro ROM cart.

ArcadeTV MEDPro Themes:
Purchase Mega Everdrive Pro:

I just tested a few myself;  They look amazing and work perfect.  “Installation” is about as easy as it gets too:

  • Make sure your firmware is equal or higher to MEGAOS 4.07 (link above)
  • Download a theme and extract the BGR file to your SD card.
  • Enable themes in your menu options.
  • Navigate to your BGR file and press A on your Mega Drive controller.
  • Select SET THEME and confirm.

My personal opinion is this is the perfect happy medium between a fast, basic menu and a fun colorful menu.  I highly recommend all MEDPro owners give this a try.  Thanks so much to Alex for his submissions and of course to Krikzz for continuing to add these awesome options to existing products!

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