Arcade: Cadillacs & Dinosaurs CPS1.5-to-CPS2 Conversion Update

Neocps1 has been working on a Cadillacs & Dinosaurs arcade ROM conversion to CPS-2. It originally ran on CPS 1.5 hardware, which is technically much closer to CPS-2 than CPS-1, primarily because the sound samples are all in Q-Sound on CPS 1.5. The CPS2 conversion could be burned to EEPROMs and installed on a real PCB, or it could be played via the Darksoft CPS2 Multi. Neocps1 has a very advanced conversion ready that he would like to pass on to another party to finish.

This has been a pet project of Neocps1’s for 4 years, and he posted his original WIP video in 2014:


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