Arcade Atavism announce port of Final Fight 30th Anniversary Edition to CPS2 hardware

Back in December of 2019, Final Fight was overhauled by CPS hackers grego2d and rotwang.

Recently, the team behind Final Fight 30th Anniversary Edition (FFAE) launched Arcade Atavism and announced porting FFAE to CPS2 hardware.

Currently, the Arcade Atavism team consists of established CPS2 rom hackers grego2d, Gnawtor, and their latest addition to the group griefspammer.

Development on the project has already begun, I’ve been told things are going smoothly.

Why port FFAE? Here’s why… More sprites, reduced slowdown, stereo Q-Sound, more enemies, and unique palettes!

Upon release, the port of FFAE will be playable on CPS2 hardware, MiSTerFPGA, and other emulators!

Support Development for Final Fight 30th Anniversary Edition Port to CPS-2 Hardware:

Arcade Atavism Patreon Page

Arcade Atavism already has code running for FFAE (see below). The team has successfully rewritten the sprite handler for FFAE on CPS2 hardware already.

This is truly impressive. CPS1 hardware handles 256 sprites, while CPS2 handles 1024 sprites!

Arcade Atavism has begun the trek of converting 4-bit 8Khz adpcm to 8-bit signed pcm and isolating FM synthesis noises for conversion to stereo Q-Sound samples.

There’s plenty more going on with development, I support this project and will be following it to completion.

Check out Arcade Atavism’s patreon, they have some really cool perks for backers of the project!

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