Analogue Pocket Reviewed

Hey everyone, it’s Try from My Life in Gaming. Analogue review embargo dates are always exciting times for us because they’re the highest-profile things we get a chance to look at ahead of release.

In our episode on the Analogue Pocket, we go over the build quality, features, compatibility, sound reproduction (including MDFourier analysis – much thanks to Artemio and Pinobatch), and of course the screen and display features. The LCD effect display modes on this thing really aren’t messing around – they are super legit and justify the existence of the device entirely on their own. The Dock, meanwhile, is a major disappointment in its launch form, and we hope that it will look a lot different within a couple months’ worth of firmware updates. 1440p support would go a long way and make it possible to replicate the LCD effects, but beyond that, there are just so many features missing when Docked that you can use when playing in handheld mode. The device really is all about the handheld, and seeing the screen in action really made me go from not being all that excited for it, to being pretty blown away by it overall. It’s not perfect, but I think it’s unlikely that we’ll see anything else remotely like it for handheld play for a very very long time.

But that’s enough from me. Following a marathon week of writing, shooting, and editing, I’m currently going on just under five hours of sleep following going to bed at 5:30am to prep the video’s release, so I’ll just let our video speak for itself. And hey, don’t forget that there are like a gazillion other Analogue Pocket videos out there too, including from Digital Foundry, Game Sack, and MVG! All those and more are definitely worth a watch if you want to get a handle on what the Pocket can do before deciding on whether to pre-order one from the new batch on December 14 (Tuesday! Tomorrow!).