Analogue Pocket – New Cores & Cartridge Adapters

Analogue has just released a new firmware for their Pocket handheld device that enables support of their $100 “Pocket Adapter Set”:  Three cartridge adapters that allow original Atari Lynx, Neo Geo Pocket (& NGPC) and TurboGrafx-16 (& PCE, SGX) games to be used on the Pocket.  Including the previously released Game Gear cartridge adapter, fans of using original cartridges/cards now have a lot of options covered!:

Download Firmware:

It’s worth pointing out that you can load TurboGrafx roms via their OpenFPGA platform, for free, as well as NGP games via Jotego’s beta core.  I’m honestly a fan of both methods:  I completely understand why many people want to use original games, however I also love the option of having all the games I want to play already on a device.  There’s really no wrong answer here and I’m glad to see this released for people who want original game options.

Here’s the full list of changes included with this firmware update:


  • Added support for Analogue Pocket Adapter Set including TG16, PCE, SuperGrafx, Lynx, NGP and NGPC
  • Memories and Sleep/Wake are supported for TG16, PCE, SuperGrafx and Lynx
  • Boot to Cartridge now skips Game Detail screen


  • Fixed data slot loads with asset sizes not divisible by 4


  • Fixed controllers occasionally not responding when using the Down+Select hotkey
  • Adjusted display video alignment symmetry
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