All Arcade 1Up Machines $199

It looks like Walmart dropped the price of all the Arcade1Up cabinets to $199 with free shipping, making it a much more appealing toy:

I just can’t bring myself to buy one though.  When I look at those, I see so much potential that would have only added a few dollars cost.  I mean, what about a one-player version with a 6-button arcade layout, roller ball and spinner?  It might be a toy, but that controller experience goes a long way.  How about just adding a video-in or JAMMA connector (even saying it’s unsupported) allowing people to connect their own devices to it?

On the flip side of things, Justin from Console Kits posted a video (below) discussing these in the environment they were probably designed to be used in.  Hearing it from that perspective and this new $199 price tag certainly shines a different light on the subject…but I’m still sticking with my custom bartop 13″ CRT.  Which I still haven’t gotten around to completing…

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