8BitDo Retro Number Pad & More Keyboard Colors

8BitDo have just opened pre-orders on a “retro-inspired” number pad with mechanical buttons, that’s meant to be a companion to their NES/Famicom-themed “Retro Mechanical” keyboards.  The “Retro NumPad” is available in the same four color schemes as the keyboards and also offer the same bluetooth, 2.4GHz RF and USB connections.  The price is about $45 and they’re due to ship in mid-July.  More info after the links:


All of the retro keyboards are currently in-stock and available right now, with the exception of the “M Edition” – That color scheme will be released with the NumPad’s in July.  And it seems the only difference between each edition is the color scheme, but they have a few great options inspired by the NES, Famicom and Commodore 64’s color scheme.

Here’s each next to each other, lined up as M, N, Famicom and C64 from left-to-right and top-to-bottom – Click on either for a full-sized view:

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