8Bitdo Pro 2 Review

Lon Seidman recently reviewed 8bitdo’s follow-up to their pro controller and gave it mostly positive reviews:  The Switch motion controls may not be as good as the official Switch Pro controller, but it offers a ton of other advantages and is about $10 cheaper at $50:

8Bitdo Pro 2 Black:
8Bitdo Pro 2 Grey:
8Bitdo Pro 2 “Classic:
Original SN30 Pro Controller:

There are two things about the controller that stand out the most to me:  The first is they all appear to have convex (SFC-style) buttons, instead of the concave (SNES-style) that I much prefer.  This is 100% preference of course, but for me personally, that gives one advantage to 8Bitdo’s original SN30 Pro controller.

One huge advantage of this updated version is a physical switch on the back that allows you to toggle between Switch, PC (MiSTer compatible) and Apple modes.  All previous 8bitdo controllers required powering on while holding a button combo to change modes.  Unless you constantly switching, it’s something that’s easily forgettable, requiring you to constantly look up the manual every time you switch devices – I’m glad the Pro 2 no longer requires this!

Some other notable points are extra buttons, the choice to use the rechargeable battery it comes with, or just standard AA’s and fully customizable buttons and macro’s.  Lon details all of this in his review, so please check out the great video above for more info!

Also, if you’d like to get to know Lon a bit more, check out our interview below!

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