4K Gamer Pro Now On Amazon

The 1080p -> 4K “sharp scaling” device called the 4K Gamer Pro is now available to purchase on Amazon.  This is the perfect device for people looking to get a “sharp” look on their 4K TV or monitor…and I especially think it’s worth considering for PC monitor users, as their built-in scalers are often far worse than TV’s.  Alternatively, if you prefer a “smooth” scale, you’ll want to look into the mClassic for 720p and 1080p sources.  If you’d like more info, please check out my review above, as well as more info below:

4K Gamer Pro:

As a note, MiSTer users may need to set a custom modeline for this device to be compatible. Simply update your MiSTer via your favorite script, then after it’s complete edit the “video_mode” line in the MiSTer.ini file to this:  video_mode=1920,88,44,148,1080,3,5,37,148500,+hsync,+vsync

I was also able to take compressed captures of some 4KGPro examples, if you’d prefer to see the results that way.  Please keep in mind that at the time of recording, I hadn’t gotten 4K60, 4:4:4 lossless capture working properly, so these results aren’t as good as you’d see with the actual device…but the basic idea is still conveyed properly and you should be able to get a sense if you like the effect or not:

If you’d like even more examples, Wobbling Pixels did an excellent comparison as well, that showed different examples than the ones I showed.

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