3D Printed Case for EDFX

Stone Age Gamer is now selling Humble Bazooka‘s 3D-printed case for Krikzz’ EDFX:  The plug and play A/V adapter for all PCE & TG-16 consoles that outputs RGB, composite video and stereo audio via a Genesis 2 MiniDIN.  It comes in a few different color choices that aim to match the aesthetics of different PCE models.  The price is $15 plus shipping and most colors are currently in stock:

Purchase Here:
Genesis 2 RGB Cables:

I recently tested the EDFX and as of now, it’s by far my favorite plug and play PCE/TG-16 adapter, due to performance, features and price.  It also passes stereo audio from CDROM emulation via the Turbo Everdrive Pro, making it the perfect companion for people with compatible consoles who also purchased the TEDPro.

If you’d like more details, check out the stream I did that covers it all:

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