3D Big Box Collection Archival Project

I just stumbled across, a site that’s dedicating it’s time to posting full, 3D scans of all the PC game boxes they’ve collected.  Just search their site, click on a game and use your browser (mobile or desktop) to zoom and spin the box around.

I think this is a really awesome archival project, but I also think it fulfills an important type of nostalgia.  Without going on a (happy) rant, I’ll just say that some people get into classic gaming because those just happen to be their favorite games, while others are looking for both the games and to relive memories from their childhood.  Anyone that owned these big box games might enjoy searching through their site and being able to relive the feeling they got while bringing home that giant box from their local game store, long before all that came in the box was a download code.

Anyone that has big boxes lying around might want to consider offering them to this site to scan.  There’s also a tip jar set up for anyone who wants to contribute to their effort:

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