ThunderDream Dreamcast Replacement PSU

Stone Age Gamer is now selling a high quality, universal replacement power supply for the Sega Dreamcast called the ThunderDream.  This is a drop-in replacement made by Thundertronics and should work on all region and model Dreamcast units:  Simply replace the original with this one and you’re good to go.  It’s not cheap at $95, however there’s no external brick needed, so you’ll save at least $20 cost there (probably more).  Check out a video from the creator above and there’s more info after the links:

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Main Site:

Anyone who’s followed RetroRGB for awhile probably has seen my deep distrust of aftermarket PSU‘s.  That said, the creator seems to have gone above and beyond to create a quality PSU.  Also, Zaxour took a look at it and gave it his approval, which means a lot – Zaxor is a power supply expert and wouldn’t throw around a term like “rock solid” without proper testing and verification.  So, this looks like a “You get what  you pay for” scenario – You can spend a bit more and get a great PSU that’ll work in all Dreamcasts, all over the world…or just recap your original and use it in the region it was designed for.  Either is a great solution.


  • Universal input, so it can tolerate any input voltage automatically.
  • Professionally designed, no datasheet copy-paste circuits. Using premium quality parts and best engineering design approaches. This wasn’t built for budget but rather perfection.
  • Very low noise, less than 30mV p-p at full load inside console (not an outside resistive load).
  • Low heat generation, way much better thermals than all other solutions.
  • Plug-and-play, so no soldering, modding, cutting, or anything.
  • Medically rated, extremely safe power module used which guarantees utmost safety and performance.
  • High power, rated for 30 watts which is 8 watts more than original PSU which is more than enough for any mods you can think of.


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