The Story Of Neo Geo

Yahel from Wrestling With Gaming has just posted another excellent documentary, this time about the Neo Geo!  He goes into the origins of the company and walks through the entire span of their reign as the kings of home versions of arcade games!

The Neo Geo always had such an allure around it, as it was unfathomably expensive for most kids of the era, but the only way to truly play arcade games at home.  Then, as it left the mainstream and become a “retro” collectors item, kids of that generation turned the allure into obsession with some AES games selling for over thirty thousand dollars!  As a result, the only way most people could experience Neo Geo games was through emulation, or at arcades.

Neo Geo fans should feel very lucky these days, as experiencing the full library of games is now something completely obtainable.  People with AES home consoles or MVS arcade machines can pick up ROM carts that will play all games on original hardware and anyone looking for a good, lag-free experience can pick up a MiSTer for use on both CRT’s and flat-panels!

Check out the videos below for more info:

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