The Mega Book Collection – Free Download

I realize I’m late to the party with this one, but this seemed worth sharing – Darren Doyle from Greyfox Books has just released their book about the Mega Drive as a free PDF.  This book was originally met with a cease and desist from Sega back in 2021, which prevented it from getting released.  Rather than fight legal battles, or just toss away all the hard work that went into it, Darren decided to release it to everyone for free:

More Info / Download:
Purchase their other books:

This situation annoys me.  I completely understand a company wanted to protect their intellectual property…but only when it affects their bottom line.  I’m baffled as to how a book promoting these games could do anything other than act as free promotion.  Maybe I’m missing something here?

Either way, I wanted to share this with everyone – Even if it’s not your thing, it’s free, so give it a look.

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