The Legend of Zelda – ‘A Link To The Proto’

Romhacker SePH has just posted a patch for SNES Zelda that’s being called ‘A Link To The Proto’.  It’s an interesting hack, as it’s not an official, existing prototype release;  Its actually a compilation of assets found in different prototype versions that have been previously leaked.  The goal is to give a glimpse of what could have been, if the original developers made slightly different decisions regarding the final release.

The patch is available for download here:

Some of the features of ‘A Link To The Proto’ are as follows:

  • Overworld, Dungeons, Items and Sprites graphical changes
  • Brand new overworlds based on the earliest World Map
  • All prototype dungeon rooms implemented
  • Implemented prototype HUD
  • Health as been reduced to 16 hearts
  • Jump Shoes to jump over large gaps
  • Armos Knights Prototype AI

According to SePH:

There is a lot of changes, I tried to add as much prototype assets into the game, but unfortunately due to the multiple iterations of the same tilesets and a rather limited space for graphics, only a few select ones made it into the reconstruction.  But still, there is a lot of places to explore and many unseen things to discover from the proto content that was cut from the final vanilla release from Nintendo.!

I think many fans of the original game will appreciate a new-yet-familiar version of one of the best games from the Zelda series!  Also, a list of differences found between the prototypes and official release can be found here:

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