Alex Mitchell

GCLoader Pre-Orders open Monday, July 31st

The GCLoader, a GameCube optical drive emulator from Daniel Kraak (meneerbeer) and Dan Kunz (citrus3000psi), will finally be back in stock this coming Monday, July 31st. Released in 2019, the GCLoader was the first commercially available ODE for the Nintendo GameCube, boasting improved functionality over existing SD card interfaces and (after an awkward initial release) […]

Alex Mitchell

Swiss and GC Loader Updates Improve Write Support

Two enthusiast developed projects on the GameCube—GC Loader and Swiss—have released important updates over the last month that work together to enable exciting new functionality for fans of the lil’ purple lunchbox. GC Loader—an optical drive emulator developed by Daniel Kraak—is a modification that replaces the GameCube’s built in disc drive with an SD card […]

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