Super Mario World 16:9 Hacks Released

Vitor Vilela has officially released the latest edition of the Super Mario World widescreen patches, supporting 16:9/16:10/2:1/18:9/18.5:9 aspect ratios.  We first covered the beta a few months ago and it’s shaped up to be a pretty flawless experience, that’s perfect for people using software emulation.  Another cool bonus is an option for “pixel stretching”, which allows you to display the game in an aspect ratio closer to what you’d have seen on a CRT, as opposed to the square pixels you get with emulation.

Download the patches here:
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Compatible emulator:

I’m such a huge fan of using software emulation to do things impossible on real hardware.  Using the combination of accurate, good emulation and in-depth patches from Vitor, you can now experience SMW in a true widescreen aspect ratio:  There’s no “stretching”, you end up with more playable screen space available on the left and right of the image!

I also love that Vitor took the time to create two modes for each:  One “pixel stretched” to the original CRT’s aspect ratio and the other with square pixels.  While I strongly believe that any “archival” content should be shown in it’s original form, when it comes to actually playing these games, there’s no “right” answer – It’s whatever your eyes prefer.  If you grew up playing SNES via emulators, square pixels is correct and if your SNES experience has been mainly on CRT’s, the “pixel stretched” is what you should use.  It’s awesome that we have the choice!

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