Super Game Boy MSU-1 Proof Of Concept

qwertymodo has just posted a video showing off a proof-of-concept “Super Game Boy MSU-1” project.  This, much like the SNES MSU-1 project will allow audio from Game Boy games to be replaced with CD quality audio!

The patch was developed by Conn and utilizes the Super Game Boy’s ability to route sound through the SNES.  As it’s a SGB-related addition, games are limited to the original Game Boy and not GBC, as the SGB only works with original Game Boy games.  While I find many GB games to have excellent “chiptune” soundtracks, I’m sure there’s plenty that can benefit from an updated soundtrack and I’m excited to see how this project matures!

The patch will work through emulation, as well as on real hardware via the FXPAK Pro.  For development details, check out the Zeldix page and for interviews with both Conn and qwertymodo, check out the links below:

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