Rany Battikh

SSDS3 Permanent Price Drop

To commemorate the Super System SD 3‘s third anniversary, Terraonion decided to permanently drop the price of their PC-Engine multi-function device.

Promoted as the be-all end-all add-on for most non-Duo PC Engine/TurboGrafx systems, the SSDS3 is a rom-cart, ODE and video-out board all-in-one FPGA-based PCB that plugs right into the expansion port at the back of the console. It’s compatible with the following models/revisions: PC-Engine (original white RF-only), CoreGrafx, CoreGrafx II, PC-Engine LT, TurboGrafx and SuperGrafx.

The SSDS3 has been priced at €232 since its initial release back in early 2018, but from now on can be obtained for €182 ($218.50) + shipping directly from Terraonion. They do have a limited stock available for immediate purchase at the moment, for those who still haven’t acquired one yet.

Stone Age Gamer is now also accepting pre-orders for the SSDS3 for the adjusted price of $235.




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