Alex Mitchell

Silent Hill 2: EE Team Seeks Help With 60FPS Bugs

Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition, a community-led effort to remaster the PC port of this survival horror classic, is currently seeking assistance from the modding community. While some incredible work has been done to bring the game to parity with the best versions of the game, even exceeding them in many regards, there are still some troublesome bugs caused by functions within the game being designed around a 30FPS performance target. In a video released today, the Silent Hill 2: EE team outlined some of these bugs and has put out a call for experienced developers to lead this specific component of the remastering process. Any interested developers are encouraged to check out the GitHub thread outlining the currently known 60FPS bugs and contact the team directly:

For readers who are simply interested in enjoying the latest revision of the Enhanced Edition, some important improvements have been made since the last time we covered the project on RetroRGB. Running Silent Hill 2: EE is more straightforward than ever as a result, although it does still require users to supply their own copy of the US or European PC releases—a bit of a hassle thanks to the fact that the Silent Hill 2 PC port is not currently for sale on any digital storefronts. Regardless, fans of Silent Hill 2 have a lot to look forward to as the team continues to modernize this beloved title.