Sega Nomad LCD vs RGB DRV

The Sega Nomad’s screen has not aged well.  Between it’s terrible quality compared to modern screens and it’s heavy battery consumption, users of the Nomad usually prefer to upgrade to a modern LCD screen.

Up until recently, most screen replacement options used composite video to drive it and while that was still an upgrade, feeding the LCD an RGB signal provides a much sharper image and much more vibrant colors!  So far, only one company has produced a board that drives the LCD panel with an RGB signal;  First releasing the ‘LCDDRV’ and now a follow-up product called the ‘RGBDRV’.  This videos compares them both!

4″ LCD Panel (you can find other compatible ones worldwide):
Shipping Services:  /
Control Wheel = Manufacturer Part # COM-08184, available from Mouser, DigiKey and others.
Sega Triple Bypass Nomad Edition:

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