Satiator Price & Availability Revealed

Professor Abrasive has just announced the price of his plug & play ODE as $260, with the first 100 going on sale to Patreon subscribers within 7 days at a $15 discount.  Then, the next batch of 1000 are being put on sale shortly after:

As promised, Patreon subscribers will have first dibbs, but this will not be a “refresh the page and cross your fingers” scenario:  Supporters have all been placed in a queue and will receive an email when their turn is up.  Subscribers can check their place in like with this link and when their turn is up, they’ll get a code that allows them to purchase through the web store.  Expect the price to be listed as something crazy like $9999.99, but that will change to the correct price after entering the code.  Then they’ll have five days to make that purchase, before loosing the opportunity to buy, but only one per customer.

The next batch of 1000 are already being made and should go on sale shortly after that.  I have mixed feelings about this, as it’s my guess that if the price was $199, all thousand would have sold out right away.  At $260…more than double the price of the Fenrir and the price of the MODE + 3D printed bracket and cheap SSD, this is going to be a really tough sell for some people and they might not sell out as fast.  I’m definitely still getting one, as it’s the perfect tool to allow me to use iso’s, as well as original discs for my reviews…but damn, I wish it was cheaper.

Reviews on the beta Satiator and it’s competition are below:

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