Rtings OLED Burn-In Tests

Rtings has just posted the current results of their OLED burn-in tests.  Their findings mimic what myself and most other OLED owners have always said:  Short-term image retention can be annoying, but as long as your content varies, burn-in shouldn’t be an issue.  They did find that bright content played non-stop will cause permanent burn-in damage, so (as we already knew), OLED’s shouldn’t be used for digital signage or for commercial applications where things like a news or sports channel is displayed 24/7.

So, how does this effect gamers?  My suggestion is this:  If you plan on using the TV for games, movies and TV shows (i.e. ‘varied content’) then OLED’s are an excellent choice.  If you ONLY want a gaming monitor and you’re known to play the same game for hours on end, you might consider an alternative…or possibly leave the TV on running a test pattern for a few hours after each session.



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