Road Rash II MSU-MD Released

An MSU-MD patch for Road Rash II was just released that ads the full soundtrack remade by Dean Harris.  This should be playable on the Mega Everdrive Pro, Mega SD, the MiSTer, some software emulators…and even on a real Genesis/Sega CD combo by running the ROM on a Genesis cart (or ROM cart) and burning the soundtrack to a CD.

More information can be found here:

Purchase The Soundtrack:
Download the patch and tools:

There’s a few different things you can do with this patch, but for the arranged soundtrack, you’ll need to perform a few steps:  Download the patch and extract it to your computer.  Then purchase the soundtrack and extract that to the “MP3s” directory that was created.  Run “Convert!.bat” to convert the mp3’s to tracks readable by MSU-MD and lastly, use an ips patcher to apply “Road Rash II (USA, Europe) MSU-MD.ips” to an original ROM.

Also, for more MSU-MD patches, check out Alex’s work as well:  ArcadeTV’s MSU-MD Project

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