Rany Battikh

RetroTINK-2X Pro Firmware Update v1.1

Mike Chi, creator of the RetroTINK line of products just announced the release of the first official firmware update for his latest Composite-S-Video-Component video line-doubler, the RetroTINK-2X Pro.

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A whole slew of preset functionalities have been tweaked around/improved with the new update such as filters and picture sharpness. James-F is credited by Mike for being the main developer and tester for firmware v1.1; here’s what adopters of the RetroTINK-2X Pro are getting with this latest release:

  • Improved sharpness on all input modes via tweaked filters.
  • Improved format detection and switching for PAL60, PAL-M, NTSC4.43 (modified consoles).
  • Smooth more is SMOOTHER.
  • Blocky mode is slightly sharper.
  • Added LED flicker to indicate new format detection.
  • Tweaked Composite Luma sharpness per format color subcarrier.
  • Tweaked Composite PAL Chroma comb filter to remove interleaved chroma lines.
  • Added Composite high resolution Chroma mode (manually enabled, not saved after power down, see manual).
  • Improved Color Bars displaying stability in free run.
  • Auto-detection of DVI only monitors at power up via EDID, indicated by Blue LED at power up.
  • Manual DVI mode (see manual).
  • Re-centered image vertically by 1 pixel.
  • Output mode changed to RGB444 from YCbCr 422, which had previously caused color fidelity issues on some TVs with respect to the Classic.

Unlike the Classic edition of the RetroTINK-2X, which requires a PIC programmer and a TagConnect cable (around 65$ in total) for the user to perform a successful update, the Pro edition can be easily flashed to the latest firmware by interfacing it with the PC RetroTINK software, through the micro-USB port (see video tutorial below).

Check out Mike’s release notes and the step-by-step update instructions here: http://bit.ly/39zoAk2

Buy the RetroTINK2X-Pro here:  http://bit.ly/retrotink2xpro

For an excellent product overview, make sure to watch Ray Commend‘s video: