RetroRGB NES “Test” Game

Steve from Dutch Island Games just sent over a 1-level mini-game that uses the RetroRGB likeness used in most video openings and also features music from cosmicgem829 inspired by the theme song.  While it’s only one basic level, it was nuts to open and play a new NES game with my likeness on it!  The video below is a short livestream with Steve showing the unboxing and gameplay, as well as a chat with Steve.  Dutch Island Games isn’t currently selling any other games, but keep an eye open for them in the future!  Also, feel free to try it yourself via the link below (and check out the manual too!!!):

Download the ROM & manual for free here:
Music Creation:
Make your own game with NESMaker:

…and I also LOL’d when I saw that a 1-off game had a beveled edge, while many expensive cartridges made in larger quantities do not.  Hopefully more people will read René’s warning and get this right!

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