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Retro Fighter’s Announced “BrawlerGen” – A Two-in-One Genesis/Mega Drive Saturn Controller

Retro Fighter’s, the company that gave the world re-imagined NES and N64 controllers is back at it again with their recently announced BrawlerGen controller that doubles as a Genesis/Mega Drive controller and a Saturn controller.  Per Retro Fighter’s website, the features of this controller are:

  • First controller to feature a 2-in-1 connector that is compatible with both Sega Genesis/Mega Drive and Sega Saturn
  • Compatible with the original Sega Genesis/Mega Drive and Sega Saturn, as well as most third-party systems
  • Ergonomic and comfortable modern design
  • High Quality and responsive D-pad
  • Comfortable and responsive analog stick – compatible with Sega Saturn and Genesis/Mega Drive games
  • Repositioned Mode button – compatible with 6 button and 3 button games, Genesis/Mega Drive games
  • Extra long 10′ cord

Release is scheduled for June 10, 2019 (just in time to compete with Retro-bits offerings) and pre-orders are open on their site for $39.99. Castlemania games is also accepting pre-orders on their site, at a slight markup of $44.99. Depending on tax & shipping, prices may differ somewhat per buyer.

Credit: Retro Fighter’s
Credit: Retro Fighter’s
Credit: Retro Fighter’s

According to Retro Fighter’s website, the controller is currently in the prototype and testing stage. When released, it will come with a 12 month warranty. Pictures only showcase it as a wired controller, similar to all of their other current controller releases.  Very few Genesis games utilized an analog stick, and not all Saturn games utilize it either.

The Genesis/Mega Drive also has a few games that have issues with the 6 button controller, so time will tell if this controller will have different modes to alleviate that issue. For those interested, here is a thread that discusses that issue.  Generally, for games that have issues, holding down the “mode” button fixes the issue.

There is also native backwards compatibility on the Mega Drive/Genesis with the Sega Master System through the Power Base converter.  Not all Master System games play nice with Genesis controllers so it should be interesting to see if this controller addresses that issue with a button combination like the Joyzz from Krikzz do.

2019 is shaping up to be an interesting year for Sega fans.  This year 8bitdo, Hyperkin, Retro-bit, and Retro Fighter’s are all jumping on the bandwagon. In my opinion, the current champ is Krikzz Joyzz controller that I mentioned earlier, but I look forward to the upcoming competition. Hopefully, none of these upcoming options disappoint.


Source: Retro Fighter’s


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