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OG XBOX Replacement Console Shells

UPDATE 12/30:  Pre-Orders for four colors are now open, however still vote in the survey if you’d like to see more:

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The console shell maker Retro Game Restore (RgRDev) recently hinted on twitter that thier next project might be big.  With this big project being a transparent console shell replacement for the original Microsoft XBOX (aka OG XBOX).  The most recent announcement revealed a list of console colors options and a request from RgRDev to vote on these console colors.

The top two to three votes will become the first preorder lines to be released, though there is hope to support more colors based on voter feedback.  The pole currently has a list of eight colors to choose. Ranging from a RgR standard dark smoke transparent and atomic purple to XBOX colors MS had back when the console was current, like the Halo transparent greens and blues as well as the awesome orange dev kit.

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A RetroRGB contributor was able to reach out to RgRDev for a few follow up questions:

RetroRGB: Do you have a rough price estimate?

RgRDev: The estimated price would be around $130 to $145 USD, maybe cheaper.

RetroRGB: What is the hopeful time table for this products development and release?

RgRDev: The mold should be done before June and then is on to injections.

RetroRGB Follow Up: When the molds are done and you start getting some pre production units in. What is the rough time line between all of that. Like molds done, to product released and out based on previous released products?

RgRDev: One color should be a month to get ready as we need to check the color during the test. The very first test might also find some places we have to fix or adjust in the molds.

RetroRGB: How many colors do you plan to support based off the poll results?

RgRDev: Two to three

RetroRGB: Do you hope or plan to eventually do all the colors on the list just in case someones desired didn’t get enough votes?

RgRDev: The top voted would be the list in pre-order production order first. Though this time I might make a pre-order page for top 6 colors if there are enough votes?

RetroRGB: Will preorders for each color need to hit a treshold like previous products you have done? Roughly 100 like previous products?

RgRDev: Yes and yes

RetroRGB: If one color is ready for production vs the other two, will you move ahead and get that going, plus shipped?

RgRDev: Yes

RetroRGB: So you feel a probable September/October 2024 product ship? Baring everything passes test, etc.

RgRDev: Yes, if we can have it done earlier (as we have collect enough preorders), we will try to make it faster.